I was in an accident... now what?

Jan 25, 2024

Where do I start??

You were just in your first "fender bender" and you have lots of questions! It's easy to become overwhelmed.

We're here at Lars Body Shop to help you get thru this.

There are many possible reasons why people might feel overwhelmed to get their car repaired after an accident. Some of them are: 

  • They are not sure how to deal with the insurance company or the other driver and what their rights and responsibilities are. 
  • They are worried about the cost of the repairs and whether they have enough coverage or money to pay for them. 
  • They are concerned about the quality and safety of the repairs and whether they will affect the value or performance of their car. 
  • They are stressed about the inconvenience and time involved in getting their car fixed and how it will affect their daily life and work. 
  • They are traumatized by the accident itself and may have physical or emotional injuries that need attention. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by any of these issues, you're not alone. Many people experience stress and anxiety after a car accident and it's normal to need some help and support. Here are some tips that might help you cope: 

  • Seek medical attention if you have any injuries and follow your doctor's advice on treatment and recovery. 
  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible and report the accident and the damage to your car. Ask them about the claim process and what you need to do next. 
  • Choose a reputable and certified auto body shop to repair your car and get a written estimate of the cost and time involved. 
  • Keep all the receipts and documents related to the accident and the repairs and make copies for your records. 
  • Communicate with the insurance company and the repair shop regularly and ask questions if you have any doubts or concerns. 
  • Seek legal advice if you have any disputes or problems with the insurance company or the other driver or if you are sued or want to sue for damages. 
  • Talk to someone you trust, such as a friend, family member or counselor, about how you are feeling and what you are going through. You can also join a support group or online forum for people who have been in car accidents. 
  • Take care of yourself and try to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Eat well, sleep well, exercise and do things that make you happy and relaxed. 

I hope this information helps you feel less overwhelmed and more confident about getting your car repaired after an accident. Remember, you're not alone and there are resources and people who can help you. We wish you all the best. 😊